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The Roger Shapiro Fund for New Music
Dina Koston
Established by composer/pianist Dina Koston, who named the fund after her husband, psychiatrist Roger Shapiro, the Roger Shapiro Fund is a new fund for commissioning, performance and recording of New Music. Ms. Koston intended the fund to promote music in the Western modernist tradition.

The Roger Shapiro Fund is concerned with:

–new music, not limited by geographical region
–education in music, composition, and international outreach
–promoting further knowledge and appreciation of the music of founder Dina Koston.

Connecting Composers

The Roger Shapiro Fund aims to arrange for composers to collaborate with organizations, particularly presenting organizations and performing ensembles that have built a sizeable audience or are implementing creative strategies to gain an audience for new music.


It is very important to us at the Roger Shapiro Fund that music education and the creation of new music be a priority for each new generation! We foster opportunities for young people to study and perform new music, study composition and present their own compositions. We are particularly interested in promoting international musical studies and exchanges in the hope that broader, deeper musical and cultural connections will lead young people to a greater understanding of what unifies us as inhabitants of the globe.

Reaching New Audiences

In addition to traditional concert venues, the Roger Shapiro Fund is interested in developing new ways for new music to reach people, including radio, television & internet, recording projects, new music in public spaces, real or virtual and innovative collaborations with other arts disciplines.

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    Ah, Let's Go Back to the Village

    Grant Year: 2020
    Performers: Oren Fader, Dan Lippel, William Anderson, Daniel Conant, Kevin Gallagher, John Chang, Adam Negrin, Federico Diaz, Noam Beili, Peter Argondizza, Liz Hogg, Francisco Roldan, Roberto Meza, Edison Pereira, Kyle Miller, Katherine Perleman, Alex DeSalvo, Diego Andrade, Jack Ward, Soprano Elizabeth Farnum Soprano Sharon Harms
    Composers: David Amram, Frank Brickle, Reyes Oteo, Akiva Daniel, Gene Pritsker, Victoria Bond, Gary Philo, Mark Delpriora, Richard Cameron Wolfe, Damon Ferrante, Richard Festinger, William Anderson, Klaus Ager, David Glaser, Harold Meltzer, Elie Yarden, Patrick Grant, Akemi Naito
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    The Village & Phil Ochs

    Grant Year: 2020
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    Bowers Fader Duo, Bridge Records, Paul Salerni

    Grant Year: 2020
    Performers: Bowers Fader Duo
    Composers: Paul Salerni




Martin Rokeach Oratorio for Oakland

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‘Tomorrow at 1:00p ET / 10:00a PT, please tune in to hear Martin Rokeach talk about his upcoming oratorio, “Bodies on the Line”. It is a fascinating story about the Great Flint Sit-Down Strike of 1936-37. It was one of the first strikes …

A List of Works by Elie Yarden

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Elie Yarden, born 1922, now living in Cambridge Massachussetts, provided RSF with a list of works. We know of only two surviving students of Stefan Wolpe – Elie Yarden, who studied with Wolpe at the Settlement School in Philadelphia, and Matthew …

TVT 2022 -- David Amram & Jack Kerouac; Kaleko & Wolpe

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–Provisional plans for “contemporary classical” music at –The Village Trip 2022– The Village Trip is an annual, two-week festival celebrating arts and activism in Greenwich Village that will run September 11 - 25, …



21st Century Perspectives -- Amram & Bernstein

1 July 2022
RSF commissioned David Amram to set two poems by his old friend Jack Kerouac, celebrating the Kerouac Centenary, scored for voice and two guitars. Hear them on September 10 at St. John’s in the Village, an opening event for The Village Trip. They …

Frank Brickle & TE Hulme

12 February 2022
Frank Brickle is now, I believe, working on setting The Compete Poetical Works of TE Hulme. This is a worthy project that must be seen to completion. One of the features that webmaster Marc Wolf set up on this blog is “categories”. One …

Composers Concordance at DROM

23 January 2022
CompCord at Drom Details will be provided shortly. Many details need to be filled in.This was a memorable concert. Please look out for further activities of Composers Concordance. DROM is close enough to the Magic Theater of Steppenwolf. It’s in …