18 Tone Music - Homage to Eugene Lee

18 Tone Music - Homage to Eugene Lee

10 June 2021 / William Anderson / On the Beat, Compositions, composers, How to Talk about Music

18 Tone Music

Homage to Eugene Lee

It’s like that unsettling scene in 2001 with anachronistic household items.

Our perception is of a definite beating pattern, a beating pattern alien to 12-EDO, but occasional resolutions to something comforting from home–whole tone harmonies (9-EDO).

In the 80s sound was being used to help surgeons find their way to tumors in the brain.

X-EDO is outer space, but what might guide us through is recognizable beating patterns?

Lee’s music teaches me to respond to the 1/3 tones. They are infectious. His enthusiasm for them comes across in his music. The beating patters are infectious. With time, collections in the 18-tone universe may get under our skin. The composers have to lead us there and we will drink. Land it, transpose it, re-dispose it, give us a chance to feel it.

Composers are brave, risking their lives exploring the extraplanetary, the utterly not bourgeois.

Major Tom to ground control –

“I am hearing 18-tone beat patterns!

Ground control to Maj Tom –

We’ve found you. Setting tractor beam to 18 tone field…

–Wm Anderson