An American Wonder: Arlene Zallman

Zallman Bridge cover

An American Wonder: Arlene Zallman

24 April 2016 / William Anderson / composers

Arlene Zallman’s Wikipedia Entry

Her work is powerful, striking, perhaps even a bit eccentric. Interesting to note some jazz people getting behind her work, and I have to agree with the superlatives–what an ear! What good sense to study with Dallapiccola!–an obvious thing to do, which, nevertheless, few Americans chose to do. She seems to be better known in New England than down here in New York City.

Bridge Records must be praised for releasing a CD of her work. Buy it here–>

Zallman Disc via itunes

*Karol Bennett, the soprano in Nightsongs, is off the charts.*

Of course it’s free on youtube–>

Zallman Disc on youtube

Good to see that the Monadnock Music Festival programmed Zallman in 2015.

Martin Boykan composed this memorial piece for her:

Towards the Horizon IV: Arlene Zallman - In Memoriam

William Anderson