Composers Concordance at DROM

Composers Concordance at DROM

23 January 2022 / William Anderson / On the Beat

CompCord at Drom

Details will be provided shortly. Many details need to be filled in.This was a memorable concert. Please look out for further activities of Composers Concordance.

DROM is close enough to the Magic Theater of Steppenwolf. It’s in a basement on Avenue A.

Body percussion

Pritsker rap

Composer Gene Pritsker set a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay for soprano with accompanying rapper.

The compsoer was the rapper. They also sang a lovely tune in unison, all accompanied by the Composers Concordance String Quartet.

Jazz trombone guy

Brilliant work–

Dan Cooper’s work was, like the trombone piece, very serious in tone, ambitious. I found it sincere and moving.

Another work was about an alligator. Back soon with more details.