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Listen to Greenbaum, then Wolpe


Listen to Greenbaum, then Wolpe

16 May 2021 / William Anderson / On the Beat

Greenbaum & Wolpe have much in common.
Here they are, side by side. Grateful to Momenta String Quartet for caring for this music.

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry–

String Quartet–

When Greenbaum is in a Wolpe frame of mind he is thinking as one in league with the Abstract Expressionists.

With “Nameless”, we see Greenbaum’s shared interests with Davidovsky. Mario & I talked a lot about Gershom Sholem and any esoteric Judaism. Greenbaum credits Davidovsky for getting him onto Maimonides.

Matthew Greenbaum’s “Nameless”
Cygnus and Momenta Quartet

Mario Davidovsky’s “Ladino Songs”
Elizabeth Farnum and Cygnus at the Library of Congress, 2012

“Nameless” connects to Greenbaum’s luscious Emerson setting. We discussed the lineage–Maimonides/Averroes/Aquinas – Spinoza – Goethe – Emerson. And that brings us back to Whitman!