The Volans Speech


The Volans Speech

22 August 2016 / William Anderson / On the Beat

above: composer Eleanor Cory

It’s here:

Enthusiastically in agreement.

One difference: Short works are ok.

Regarding young composers, RSF has taken risks on behalf of young composers. RSF will continue to do so. Nevertheless, we are in agreement with Volans. Composers can get much better very late in life.

We see remarkable successes from composers over 70. Examples are Mario Davidovsky’s Ladino Songs; Charles Wuorinen’s Cygnus; Milton Babbitt’s Swan Song; Yehudi Wyner’s West of the Moon.

Another example–Eleanor Cory:

Volans is in Europe. We have different problems here. Nevertheless, his points are well taken. Grateful to him for laying it all out.