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Your support is vital to sustain RSF’s founding mission.

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Founder Dina Koston cited “music in the Western modernist tradition” as RSF’s mission. The 20th Century saw a proliferation of innovative compositional techniques. Reactions against entrenched schools led and continue to lead to further integration and innovation. The Roger Shapiro Fund commissions, produces, and records new music, primarily by living composers.

RSF is one of the few organizations whose activities are not limited by geographical region.

What do we aim to accomplish?

The techniques that proliferated in the 20th Century are now thoroughly decoupled from the sounds we associate with 20th C. high modernism. At this point RSF sees the future of modernist compositional practice in its thorough integration with 21st Century aesthetics. Integration is leading to innovations. RSF hopes to make a case for the best products of 21st C. integration.

What are the key strategies for making this happen?

With instructions from our founder Dina Koston to support “music in the Western modernist tradition”, RSF is one of the last organizations in the US that continues to support and cultivate the aging 20th Century modernists from the US and abroad, many of whom are writing music that is absolutely unique, of rare quality and not to be dismissed.

On the other hand, RSF is concentrating on the the work of younger composers who demonstrate the power of integration of 20th C. techniques with 21st Century aesthetics. Integration leads to further innovation.
The RSF website lists projects, commissions, recordings, and news items, all of which are aimed at promoting new music that embraces innovation, transformation, integration.

What are the our capabilities for doing this?

RSF has a small budget of $150,000 per year. RSF leverages resources as much as possible, collaborating with Ballet Opera Pantomime, in Montreal, the Ekmelic Music Institute in Salzburg, with ISCM World Music Days, the Morgan Library and Museum, among others.

RSF is absolutely unique in its ability to fund projects anywhere in the world. This allows RSF to build communities. RSF has a global focus and, and that is unique the community of US funders of the work of living composers.

How do we know we’re making progress?

RSF is a constant supporter of the music of New York City-based composer Jonathan Dawe. Dawe’s latest opera was a great success in Montreal:

RSF supports of Bridge Records, and cites the important integration and innovation in the composers that Bridge records. Paul Lansky may be the best example, as he bridges between the Radiohead audience and the classical audience. Lansky’s music is approachable, but offers of moments of striking innovation.

What have we accomplished so far?

RSF commissioned Anna Weesner’s *My Mother in Love*, which recently won a $40,000 award from the Virgil Thomson Award in Vocal Music, administered by the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

RSF commissioned Anthony Korf’s violin concerto for the Riverside Symphony.
Korf’s chamber work, *Combo* was selected for a performance by the Beijing Modern Music Festival and presented on their ISCM World Music Days lineup in May, 2018.

RSF supports composer Jonathan Dawe and the Ballet Opera Pantomime (BOP), which presented Dawe’s opera, Nero and Fall of Lehmann Brothers.
The production was a major achievement for BOP, and for Dawe:

The RSF website offers news and announcements of exciting projects.