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Works List

In Memory of Jeanette Walters1995trumpet, oboe, clarinet  6' First: Kennedy Center 1995
Later: Tanglewood 1995; Lawrence University; Peabody 2000; Carnegie - Zankel Hall NYC, 2005 ; U of Wisconsin, 2006 
8.5x11 11x17 
Trio basso
Leon Fleisher
1995piano left - hand, double bass, drums  11' First: Kennedy Center 1995
Later: Tanglewood 1996; Parnassus, NYC 2001; Carnegie - Zankel Hall NYC, 2005 
8.5x11 11x17 
Four Poems of Robert Herrick
William Anderson
1995guitar & baritone; or theorbo, guitar & baritone 12' First: Roosevelt Mansion, New York City  
25th Anniversary Kennedy Center
19962 trumpets  5' First: Kennedy Center 1998
Later: Peabody 2000 
8.5x11 11x17 
Homage to György Kurtag
Theater Chamber Players
1997flute, clarinet, violin, cello  7+' First: Hungarian Embassy 1997
Later: Bowling Green Festival; California E.A.R. Unit; Carnegie - Zankel Hall, 2005 
8.5x11 11x17 
William Anderson
1998solo guitar  9' First: NYC 1998
Later: European tour; Kennedy Center 1999; Peabody Institute 1999 
8.5x11 11x17 
Welcome!1998small mixed chorus  2+'   8.5x11 11x17 
Duo In Two Parts
Library of Congress
1997- 98violin, piano  15' First: Library of Congress 2000: Rolf Schulte & Alan Feinberg
Later: National broadcasts 
8.5x11 11x17 
Phyllis Bryn - Julson
1998solo soprano  8' First: Embassy of Finland 1998, Phyllis Bryn-Julson
Later: Yale Summer Festival; US tour; Carnegie - Zankel Hall NYC, 2005 
8.5x11 11x17 
Trios of Winds
Robert Levy & Lawrence University
199922 solo winds and brass  15' First: Lawrence University 1999  8.5x11 
A Different Story of O
Phyllis Bryn-Julson
2000solo soprano  9' First: Kennedy Center, 2000  8.5x11 11x17 
Thoughts of Evelyn - In Memoriam Evelyn Swarthout Hayes
Leon Fleisher
2000solo piano  6' First: Leon Fleisher at Kennedy Center 2001
Later: FMMC, Washington 2002 Clair Rozier; U. of Wisconsin 2006 
8.5x11 11x17 
Quartet for Strings, Bowed and Plucked
The Cygnus Ensemble
2000violin, mandolin, cello, guitar  9.5' First: Merkin Hall, NYC; 2001
Later: Kennedy Center; Carnegie - Zankel Hall, NYC 2005 
8.5x11 11x17 
Memorial for painter, Jacob Kainen
2001solo trumpet  4' First: Washington, D.C. memorial for painter, Jacob Kainen
Later: U. of Wisconsin 2006 
8.5x11 11x17 
Solo for Cello
Susan Salm
2001solo cello  15' First: Philips Collection; Washington, 2002
Later: Germany 
8.5x11 11x17 
Piccolo Trio
Wolf Trap Foundation
2002violin, cello, piano  6' First: The Barns at Wolf Trap, 2002
Later: NYC premiere 2003; toured and broadcast widely in U.S. and in Europe; Zankel Hall, NYC 2005 
8.5x11 11x17 
Leon Fleisher
2002solo piano  8+' First: Leon Fleisher at Kennedy Center 2002
Later: Carnegie Hall 2003, and on tour 2003 - 2006 in US and Europe; Carnegie - Zankel Hall, NYC 2005 
8.5x11 11x17 
Solo for Clarinet2003solo clarinet    8.5x11 11x17 
Messages - Second Set
Katherine Jacobson
2003solo piano  9'   8.5x11 11x17 
Set of Three (for young people)2003solo piano  6'   8.5x11 11x17 
Tritones (for children)
The Kaufman Center 50th Anniversary
2003solo piano  2' First: Merkin Hall, NYC; March, 2004
Later: Other performances, including NYC and in Russia 
8.5x11 11x17 
Elegy: In Memory of Lynette Diers - Cohen
Diana and Alex Cohen
2004violin and percussion  7'   8.5x11 11x17 
Cadenzas for Mozart K.V. 467
Katherine Jacobson
2004piano  First: 2005
Later: Tour 2005 - 6 
Quartet for Plucked Strings
The Cygnus Ensemble
2004-052 mandolins, banjo, guitar  7' First: 2005 in Carnegie -Zankel Hall, NYC  8.5x11 11x17 
A Short Tale
Patricia Green
2005voice and piano  4+ First: Carnegie - Zankel Hall, NYC 2005  8.5x11 11x17 
Dialogue for Two Pianos (Resonnance / Eclats)
Leon Fleisher and Katherine Jacobson
20052 pianos  8' First: TBA; Leon Fleisher and Katherine Jacobson  8.5x11 11x17 
Distant Intervals
2009fl, ob, cl, tr, vln, vc, cb, gt, mandolin 9' First: Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church, MD, August 2009  8.5x11 11x17 
Quintet with Claves
New York Music Ensemble
N/Afl, cl, vln, vlc, claves    8.5x11 11x17 
Solo for Violin (Homage to Bela Bartok)
Sally McLain
solo violin    8.5x11 11x17