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2015 In Review


2015 In Review

18 July 2015

RSF collaborated with the Library of Congress in 2012, and 2013. This year, a collaboration with the Morgan Library and Museum is set for December 8 in connection with the exhibit, Hemingway Between the Wars.

RSF commissioned works by Laura Kaminsky, Errollyn Wallen, Damon Ferrante, and Jessie Montgomery to create musical works that relate to Hemingway, and the figures who were important to him in Paris between the wars.

Composer Frank Brickle will create new arrangements of excerpts from arias from George Antheil’s opera Transatlantique, and Ezra Pound’s quasi-opera Le Testament de Villon, two rarely heard works by figures who influential in the interwar period.

Other recent commissions:
Allen Shawn Three Poems of Hagiwara Sakutaro
Robert Pollock Vulture (Robinson Jeffers)

Supported premieres of new works by Allen Shawn, Yehudi Wyner, Ben Boretz, David Starobin, Michael Starobin, Paul Lansky, Frank Brickle, Robert Pollock, Shoko Suzuki, Liza Sobel at SubCulture and Leonard Nimoy Thalia.