A List of Works by Elie Yarden

A List of Works by Elie Yarden

11 February 2022 /Announcements, Reports

Elie Yarden, born 1922, now living in Cambridge Massachussetts, provided RSF with a list of works.

We know of only two surviving students of Stefan Wolpe – Elie Yarden, who studied with Wolpe at the Settlement School in Philadelphia, and Matthew Greenbaum, who studied with Wolpe in Greenwich Village.

Wolpe and his last surviving students will be included in –The Village Trip– 2022. Details tba.

Ralph Shapey conducted the first performance and later recorded Yarden’s Divertimento in the 1960s or 70s. There are too few recordings.

Chronological List 0f Performable Compositions

String Quartet No. 1
in two movements.
New York City, November 1949

Sonata for Violin and Piano
New York City, 1951

Two Bagatelles for GYL
for Piano, New York City, 1954

Published by Israeli Music Publications
(IMP) Peter Gradenwitz, publisher
as “Two Moods”. Tel-Aviv, 1966

Dinner Music for a Sea Otter
for Clarinet and piano
North Hollywood, September 1956

4 Variations for Cello Quartet
Hiouchi, California, January 1957

Prelude, Passacaglia, and Fugue
for symphony orchestra
Hiouchi, California, June, 1957

String Quartet No. 2
Jerusalem, 1959

Divertimento 1963
for Flute, clarinet, 2 violins, 2 pianos, viola, cello

Tel-Aviv, September, 1963
Song for unaccompanied voice

Amos Kenan
Hor B’Levana
Ein Hod, 1964

Festival Song
text, Gerrit Lansing
Voice, piano
11th Street, Manhattan NY, fall, 1966

Canons for String Quartet
11th Street, Manhattan NY, fall, 1967

Chamber Opera, Eros & Psyche
for Flute, oboe, clarinet (B flat), Bassoon, Violin, Cello, Piano and Harpsichord (1 performer), Narrator, Soprano, Contralto
Text by Robert Kelly
Tivoli, New York, 1970

Piano, Violin, Cello

Philoti. Naxos, 1977
“… (and yet; what if knowledge itself were delicious?)”

Piece for three instruments
Fougax-et-Barrineuf, France, Cambridge, MA, 7th April. 1984