Ears Open! Featuring composer Lowell Liebermann

Ears Open Lowell Lieberman

Ears Open! Featuring composer Lowell Liebermann

6 May 2018 /Event

Composer Lowell Liebermann
EARS OPEN! New Music of, by, & for a New Generation

Sunday, May 6
6PM at the Kaplan Penthouse, Lincoln Center

6PM–Prelude featuring fellows of the Dina Koston Young Artist Program


7:15–Composer in Focus–Lowell Liebermann
and works by Emil Awad, David Schober, Terry Riley, & Michael Finnissy, and Robert Palmer

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A profile concert featuring composer Lowell Liebermann and his Piano Sonata no. 3, Three Lullabies, Daydream and Nightmare, the Flute Sonata, Gargoyles and Nocturnes for Piano. Performers include William DeVan, Joan Forsyth, George Lopez, Adam Tendler, Mira Gill, Sheer Pluck Guitar Orchestra, and Fellows of the Dina Koston Young Artists Program from Bennington College, Bowdoin College, Queens College and the Third Street Music School Settlement.

Emil Awad’s Cuatro Elementos
featuring the Sheer Pluck guitar orchestra
Charlee Ray Price, Pascual Araujo, Daniel Conant, Kyle Miller, Jonathan Ramirez, Pablo Sanchez, Ebin Samuel, Xavier Paez Haubold, Ricardo Arias, Austin Tobia

The Dina Koston Fellows

Maxim Dybal Denysenko, Brooklyn Stafford, Violet Barnum, Benjamin Cauley

Emily Licholai, Liam Hoglund, Larissa Lakner, Ophelia Jang, Sonia Baranoff, Jude Crisci, Ella Kronman, Teddy Landa, Tommaso Hu, Mia Aklufi, Michelle Aklufi, Olivia D’Amato, Maxim Dybal Denysenko, Matthew Schlessinger, Emily Tong, Eric Tong, Ethan Liang, Inko Bovenzi, Owen Grace, Gabriella Hilsenrad, Dinu Zavatini, Julia Meltzer, Mia Aklufi, Michelle Allufi, Curtis Decker, Mathias Melucci, Ruthanna Flint, Andrea Greene, Xuchu Lu.