Sounding Beckett @ Classic Stage Company


Sounding Beckett @ Classic Stage Company

30 September 2012


Sounding Beckett

September, 2012
Composers composed works that respond to Beckett plays, Directed by Joy Zinoman, and performed by Cygnus at the Classic Stage Company. Musical by Chester Biscardi, John Halle, Laura Kaminsky, Laura Schwendinger, Scott Johnson, David Glaser & Dina Koston.

This project was launched by the Library of Congress earlier in 2012, inspired by Dina Koston’s last work, Distant Intervals, which was a musical response to Beckett’s Ohio Impromptu.

The show was sold-out for its entire 2-week run, and received glowing reviews in the NY Times and the Washington Post, and in many vehicles.

The concept was wide open to criticism from those who insisted that Beckett did not want to be sounded.