Bodies Electric at The Bitter End

BE with Sharon

Bodies Electric at The Bitter End

2 October 2021 /Reports

The Village Trip
Bodies Electric, with Soprano Sharon Harms
at the Bitter End
September 25, 2021

Dan Lippel
Oren Fader
John Chang
William Anderson
Kyle Miller
Adam Negrin
Rich Atkins, bass

John Ferrari, drums

Bodies Electric created a program for the The Village Trip that focused on psychedelia of Greenwich Village – Varese, Hendrix, Silver Apples.

Included were other works that fit the bill by living composers Frank Brickle, Kyle Miller, Paula Matthusen, David Claman, Terry Champlin.

Star Spangled Banner

Terry Champlin’s Harp of David

Frank Brickle’s Midnight Round

Welch/Anderson My Morphine
Sharon Harms & Bodies Electric

Un grand sommeil noir

Varese, arr. William Anderson

David Claman’s Loose Canons II

I Have Known Love

arr. John Chang

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