TVT 2022 -- David Amram & Jack Kerouac; Kaleko & Wolpe

TVT 2022 -- David Amram & Jack Kerouac; Kaleko & Wolpe

28 January 2022 /Announcements, Event

–Provisional plans for “contemporary classical” music at –The Village Trip 2022

The Village Trip is an annual, two-week festival celebrating arts and activism in Greenwich Village that will run September 11 - 25, 2022.

RSF hopes to pull together Momenta String Quartet, Composers Condordance, The League/ISCM,
Cygnus, Bowers Fader Duo, Vox n Plux Cutting Edge Concertsin performances of works by Village Composers, settings of Village poets, and related works.

David Amram and The Village Trip celebrate the centenary of Amram’s friend and partner in crime and Village figure, Jack Kerouac. Amram & Kerouac made a short film together – Pull My Daisy.

left to right: Larry Rivers, Jack Kerouac, David Amram
Alan Ginsberg, Gregory Corso (with back to camera)

The film’s theme song, written by Amram, became his signature song. RSF commissioned Amram to compose two Kerouac setttings for TVT 2022.

Stevie & Bird

Matthew Greenbaum was born on the Lower East Side, and he studied composition with –Stefan Wolpe–,the emigre Bauhaus composer, who lived and taught in the West Village. Wolpe is very reasonably comparable to a musical Joseph Albers.

Abstract Expressionism in music can be traced to Greenwich Village, and the friendship between Stefan Wolpe & Charlie Parker.

His Music for Any Instruments are interval studies not unlike Alber’s color studies. As the last and youngest Wolpe disciple, Matthew is organizing a concert featuring the Momenta Quartet that celebrates Wolpe’s friendship with Charlie Parker.

Wolpe & Charlie Parker were friends, brought together by their shared fascination with Abstract Expressionism.

Parker called Wolpe, “Stevie”; Wolpe called Parker, “Bird”

We hope to invite Elie Yarden to attend TVT for a performance of his Divertimento.

Elie Yarden

Composer Elie Yarden is an important figure in the Wolpe circle and his is alive and well at 99 years old, living in Cambridge, MA.

Like Wolpe, Masha Kaléko was a refugee who settled in Greenwich Village. TVT 2022 will have new musical settings of Kaléko’s poetry interspersed throughout various concert programs. Other Village poets with musical treatments – Louis Zukofsky (born lower east side), Whitman, Melville, Djurna Barnes, ee cummins (Djuna Barnes’ neighbor on Patchin Place)

Village Composers TVT 2022—

Akemi Naito, David del Tredici, Lou Karchin,
Victoria Bond, Jonathan Dawe, Carman Moore,

composer Carman Moore

Jesse Montgomery, David Glaser, David Claman, Harold Meltzer, Allison Loggins-Hull

flutist, composer, producer Allison Loggins-Hull

Matthew Greenbaum, Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon, Yehudi Wyner,

Yehudi Wyner

Tim Mukherjee, and Victoria Bond

Victoria Bond, compsoer, conductor, producer

A tribute to the late compsoer Stephen Dembski, who died suddenly last year.

More soon