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Yvonne Zehner & Friends @ Symphony Space

Set 1
Set 2
Set 3

Yvonne Zehner & Friends @ Symphony Space

2 November 2018 /Announcements, Event

Yvonne Zehner, the enormously talented & enterprising Austrian guitarist collaborates with NYC artists

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On November 2, Ms. Zehner will join a number of extraordinary New York City-based guitarists for an evening of music at Symphony Space. Her collaborators include Yunxiang Fan playing Paul Lansky, Daniel Conant and Tom Torrissi performing Chester Biscardi’s exquise *Resisting Stillness*; Kyle Miller will perform music by Kyle Miller; John Bogan & Yerin Kim, offer music by David Leisner; Samuel Rubinstein performs Bartosz Lasecki; Yvonne Zehner & William Anderson collaborate with soprano Sharon Harms for the premiere of Frank Brickle’s setting of Catallus 101.

Yvonne Zehner & New York Friends
November 2, 7:30

7:30 PM Set 1

Bachirvanas, by Jason Sagebiel
——–performed by Jason Sagebiel, Peter Argondizza, Matt Kaplan, Federico Diaz

Semi-Suite by Paul Lansky
——–performed by Yunxiang Fan

Erestide, by Kyle Miller
—–performed by Kyle Miller

Catullus 101, by Frank Brickle
——–perforemed by William Anderson, Yvonne Zehner, & soprano Sharon Harms

Run, by Marios Joannou Elia (*1978)
——–performed by Yvonne Zehner

Barabas, byTerry Riley (1935)
——–performed by Yvonne Zehner

8:15 Set 2

Smear, by Bartosz Lasecki
——–performed by Samuel Rubinstein

Sonata, by David Leisner
——–performed by Yerin Kim, violin, and John Bogan, guitarist

Justos Weg, by Agustin Castilla-Avila
——–performed by Yvonne Zehner

Of Course, by William Anderson
——–performed by Yvonne Zehner

Passacaglia, by H.I.Franz Biber. (1644-1704)
——–performed by Yvonne Zehner

9PM Set 3

Resisting Stillness, by Chester Biscardi
——–performed by Tom Torrissi and Daniel Conant

Fantasia VII & Toccata Arpeggiata, by Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger (1580-1651)
——–performed by Yvonne Zehner

Presentimiento, by Agustin Castilla-Avila (*1974)
——–performed by Yvonne Zehner

3 Preludes after Messiaen & Prelude No. 3, by Daniel Akiva (*1953)
——–performed by Yvonne Zehner

Y Bolanzero, by Terry Riley (*1935)
——–Featuring Yvonne Zehner, with Sheer Pluck Guitar Orchestra–John Chang, Jonathan Ramirez, Kyle Miller, Pascual Araujo, Austin Tobia, Xavier Paez Hauboldt, Ricardo Arias, John Coughlin, Pablo Sanchez, Charlee Ray Price, James Artache

Samuel Rubinstein

Yerin Kim

Yunxiang Fan

Daniel Conant

Kyle Miller