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Emil Awad & Octavio Paz2018Composition28 September 2018 Emil Awad tba 
Morris Rosensweig Commission2018Composition30 April 2018   
Ears Open! @ the Kaplan Penthouse, Lincoln Center2018Performance6 May 2018 Lowell Liebermann, Emil Awad, David Schober, Michael Finnissy pianist Joan Forsyth, pianist William DeVan, pianist George Lopez, pianist Mira Gill 
Las Américas en Concierto2017Performance, Composition30 May 2017 Alba Potes, Felipe Nieto, Gentil Montaña, Frank Brickle, Jeff Nichols, Natalia van Hissenhoven, Amelia Krinke, Charles Ives, Stephanie Griffin, Jayme Ovalle, Liam Kaplan, William Anderson  
Pound/Joyce/Barnes2017Performance1 May 2017 Frank Brickle, Victoria Bond, William Anderson, Ezra Pound Cygnus & Elizabeth Farnum 
NAFTA Tour2017Performance13 March 2017 Emil Awad, Cutberto Cordova, Angel Mendez, José Saldaña, Stephen Chatman, Frank Brickle, Charles Wuorinen, Daniel Conant, Luke Gopnik-Parker Angel Mendez, Bodies Electric, Joan Forsyth, Sharon Harms 
Dawe's Cracked Orlando, 2nd NYC performance2017Performance24 March 2017 Jonathan Dawe Sharon Harms 
Geroge Walker, Ian Hobson & Sinfonia Varsovia2017Recording21 June 2017 George Walker Ian Hobson, Sinfonia Varsovia 
Las Américas en Concierto2017Performance30 May 2017 Alba Potes, Felipe Nieto, Stephanie Griffin, Jeff Nichols, Liam Kaplan, Jayme Ovalle, Gentil Montaña, Natalia van Hissenhoven, Amelia Krinke, Charles Ives, Frank Brickle Vox n Plux, Elizabeth Farnum, Matthew Greenbaum, Stephanie Griffin 
Bridge Records' Schoenberg Film2016Recording22 December 2016 Arnold Schoenberg Movses Pogossian 
Boston Symphony & Bridge Records release Charles Wuorinen's orchestral works2016Recording1 May 2016 Charles Wuorinen Boston Symphony, James Levine, Peter Serkin 
Ben Boretz & Open Space2016Recording10 April 2016 Benjamin Boretz  
Anna Weesner's My Mother In Love2015Recording, Performance, Composition24 November 2015  Cygnus Ensemble  
Three Poems of Hagiwara Sakutaro2015Composition2 June 2015 Allen Shawn Cygnus & Elizabeth Farnum 
Morgan Library and Museum Hemingway Between Two Wars2015Performance, Composition8 December 2015 Laura Kaminsky, Jessie Montgomerie, Damon Ferrante, Errollyn Wallen, Frank Brickle, George Antheil , Ezra Pound , William Anderson Elizabeth Farnum , Errollyn Wallen, Cygnus Ensemble  
Alba Potes & Cantori NY2015Performance, Composition16 May 2015  Cantori NY , Mark Shapiro, conductor 
Robert Pollock & Frank Brickle compose for Loadbang2015Performance, Composition Frank Brickle, Robert Pollock Loadbang 
Jack Quartet plays music by Laura Schwendinger2015Recording Laura Schwendinger Jack Quartet 
Third Street Music School 120th Anniversary2015Performance14 October 2015 David Lang, Benjamin Verdery Sheer Pluck 
Mark Rimple on Furious Artisans2015Recording9 February 2016 Mark Rimple Drew Minter 
George Crumb Vol. 162015Recording1 June 2015 George Crumb various 
Yehudi Wyner2015Composition3 May 2015 Yehudi Wyner Cygnus Ensemble  
Mario Davidovsky @ 802014Performance4 March 2014 Mario Davidovsky Louis Martin, Cygnus Ensemble , Curtiss Macomber, Barry Crawford, Aleck Karis 
Chou wen Chung 90th birthday celebration2014Performance20 February 2014 Chou wen Chung  
Tiple Project2014Performance, Composition25 September 2014 Frank Brickle, Alba Potes, Matthew Greenbaum Vox n Plux, Anderson/Fader Duo, Anderson/Forsyth Duo 
Lembit Beecher and Cantori NY2014Performance, Composition9 March 2015 Lembit Beecher Cantori NY , Mark Shapiro, conductor 
Wuorinen's *Metagong*2014Recording6 May 2014 Charles Wuorinen  
Matthew Greenbaum on Furious Artisans2014Recording Matthew Greenbaum Cygnus Ensemble , Momenta String Quartet , Miranda Cuckson 
David Del Tredici - a work for voice and 7 instruments2014Composition David Del Tredici  
Frank Brickle & Cantori NY2013Performance, Composition18 May 2015  Cantori NY , Cassatt Quartet , Mark Shapiro, conductor 
Leon Fleisher - All the Things You Are2013Recording5 August 2013 Dina Koston, Leon Kirchner , George Perle , Johannes Brahms , Federico Mompou , George Gershwin , Jerome Kern  Leon Fleisher 
Commissions for Festival of New American Music2013Performance, Composition7 October 2013 Laurie San Martin, Richard Festinger, Stephen Blumberg, Robert Pollock Vox n Plux 
Sally McLean performs works commissioned by the McKim Fund2013Performance Harold Meltzer, Dina Koston Sally McLean 
George Walker @ Library of Congress2013Performance George Walker  
Roberto Barnard Baca2013   
Poul Ruders on Bridge2013Recording Poul Ruders David Starobin, guitarist, Daniel Druckman, percussionist, David Holtzman, piano, Amalia Hall, vlion, Hsin-Yun Huang, viola, Sarah Rothenberg, piano 
Sounding Beckett2012Performance Scott Johnson, Laura Schwendinger, Laura Kaminsky, David Glaser, Chester Biscardi, John Halle, Dina Koston Cygnus Ensemble  
Jonathan Dawe's Cosi faran tutti2012Performance Jonathan Dawe  
new Pierrot Lunaire for the Da Capo Chamber Players2012Composition Mohammed Fairouz  
Su Xiao2012Composition Su Xiao  
Fay Kueen (Fay Wang) composes for Bang on a Can2012Composition   
Richard Festinger on Naxos2012Recording31 December 1969 Richard Festinger NYNME 
Frank Brickle on Furious Artisans2012Recording Frank Brickle Cygnus Ensemble  
RSF & Library of Congress commission Mario Davidovsky2012Composition Mario Davidovsky Cygnus Ensemble  
George Walker on Albany Records2011Recording, Composition George Walker  
Jonathan Dawe's Cracked Orlando2010Performance15 October 2010 Jonathan Dawe  
"Le Cirque" Cygnus Guitarists on Furious Artisans2010Recording Charles Wuorinen, David Lang, William Anderson, Gillian Welch, Sidney Corbet William Anderson , Oren Fader