Carman Moore commission



Fiscal Year:2018

Category:Performance, Composition

Composer:Carman Moore


Date:5 July 2018

Label:Furious Artisans

RSF commissioned Carman Moore, an unsung national treasure.

““If all new music were so professional, so tightly-written, so patently made to gratify the ear rather than theories, mandates, and pretensions, the market for dead people’s music would collapse.””

— A Village Voice critic, reviewing Carman Moore’s music.

The New York Times, in a glowing review of his Magical Circles, called Carman Moore a composer who not only defies categories, but “treats them with disdain.” The reviewer continued,“Mr. Moore has a lot of music in his head, the product of his upbringing in black culture, his classical training and his voracious curiosity, and in his multi-media extravaganzas he finds some distinctly odd and wonderful places for it.”

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