*Enough Light* A Sunday Afternoon with new works by Marti Epstein, Christian Carey & Shoko Suzuki and more...


Fiscal Year:2024


Composers:Marti Epstein, Christian Carey, Shoko Suzuki, Martin Rokeach

Performance:Loft393 at 393 Broadway, Tribeca

Date:10 December 2023

Performers:Dan Lippel, Shoko Suzuki, Joan Forsyth

Enough Light
Sunday, December 10 at 3pm
at Loft 393

393 Broadway
*Not West Broadway*
2 and 1/3 blocks south of Canal


Please reserve throughFacebook


Suggested admission $15

Dan Lippel:
Marti Epstein: Enough Light to Find Your Way for solo guitar (2023, world premiere)
Christian Carey: Cracking Linear Elamite for solo guitar (2023, world premiere)

William Andersonand Joan Forsyth:
Works for guitar/banjo and piano by Manuel Ponce and Marty Rokeach

Shoko Suzuki:
Work for solo piano and speaker by Suzuki (2023, world premeire)

Shoko Suzuki (October 2009) Mixed Media

Presented by Marsyas Productions and New Focus Recordings
more info shortly

Joan Forsyth & William Anderson
at the Gdansk Old Town Hall for the Nowe Fale Festival, 2018(?)