Matthew Greenbaum on Furious Artisans



Fiscal Year:2014


Composer:Matthew Greenbaum

Date:7 April 2015

Performers:Cygnus Ensemble , Momenta String Quartet , Miranda Cuckson

Label:Furious Artisans

RSF supported this recording.

The first album devoted to composer Matthew Greenbaum, featuring an all-star cast of performers including 4 renown sopranos (Ben-Ze’ev, Elizabeth Farnum, Bishop, Priscilla Herried), the Momenta String Quartet, Cygnus Ensemble, and violinist Miranda Cuckson. Released on furious artisans label, distributed by Naxos.

Greenbaum’s Nameless, after Maimonides, is arguably the most ambitious work of Jewish sacred music ever composed.

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