Vancouver, British Columbia Initiative


Fiscal Year:2019

Category:Performance, Composition

Composers:Rodney Sharman, Stephen Chatman

Performance:Vancouver Symphony

Date:1 October 2018

Performer:Bowers-Fader Duo

RSF commissions Vancouver composers.

Stephen Chatman is based in Vancouver, BC, and is one of the most fequently performed composers on the planet. His choral music is performed frequently all over the world. His music is daring. Sometimes daringly dense and at other times daringly simple. Rodney Sharman is Rodney Sharman is a Canadian composer and flutist based in Vanciuver, BC, Canada. His music has been performed in over 30 countries worldwide. He has won several international and national awards, including First Prize in the 1984 CBC Competition for Young Composers. His chamber opera, Elsewhereless, a collaboration with Atom Egoyan, premiered in 1998 and has been staged 35 times internationally. (Wikipedia)

Tara Wohlberg, a noted BC poet, will write lyrics for Stephen Chatman.

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